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Freelance Audio Editor, Sound Designer, and Composer

Since beginning my journey in this field, my dedication to the work and motivation to grow have led me to exceptional projects and experiences. Take a moment to explore my portfolio below, which includes a combination of collaborations, commissioned work and side projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more.

DJ Mixer

Sound Reel

A short video showcasing my work editing audio to video: creatively layering recordings and using synthesizers to make sound effects from scratch.

Sound Replacement Reel
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Sound Reel

A small collection of concepts for game scores I've composed recently. Listen for the use of acoustic and electric guitars alongside orchestral instruments and synthesizers!

Misc. Game scores


Project Reality.Prime( );

I am currently working on an audio narrative, a story that is told through the use of creative sound effects, ambient recordings, dialogue, music, and visual accompaniment.

You can listen to the first sneak peak right here! It is a science fiction story about the increasing importance of technology in today's age and the possible consequences that come with a growing dependence on machines in the chain of productivity.

You can read more about the story in my blog!

Dawn & Genesis
00:00 / 03:47

I also post music under the name Burnt Coffee

Net King's Call

Net King's Call is an award winning game currently in development at Greystone Games! We recently took home second place at 2020's MassDigi Game Challenge, we are very proud of our efforts so please take a look!

Read more about Greystone Games and our projects here

About Anchor


Interested in learning more about my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today.

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